At chocoMe, we don’t limit our experiments when it comes to identifying new flavours, while we are also dedicating close attention to aesthetics.
In 2010 we introduced our chocolate bars with an unconventional size and ratio, and we rolled into the year 2013 as we were introducing the Raffinée product line.
In 2014 we returned to angular shapes and created the palm-sized Carré brand. 2015 brings a completely different form to the chocoMe selection, the curved and prismatic creations we call the VOILÉ family (pronounced: voálé) 

VOILÉ, handcrafted by using three special ingredients, arc-shaped orange peel, lemon slices and prismatic pieces of ginger, coated by a thin veil of 70% dark chocolate.

Completely new product, completely new technology, the result of lengthy experimentation, using French Cacao Barry company’s 70% cacao dark chocolate, with its characteristically intense cocoa flavour composition. 

Cacao Barry, an unquestionable expert of high-quality chocolates for the last 170 years, it has been the number one choice of famous French chefs, experts, innovative chocolate makers and master confectioners. Their cocoa plantations are famous for their rich soil and perfect weather conditions, and the company’s collaboration with local farmers guarantees that the hand picked and manually harvested cocoa beans have a uniquely rich aroma

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