Our international professional acknowledged products

Filled chocolates

Product code: PT21301
Net weight: 110g

Bite-sized dark chocolate squares with raspberry filling

Product code: PT904
Net weight: 50g

Bite-sized dark chocolate squares with gin flavoured chocolate filling

Product code: PT906
Net weight: 110g

Bite-sized milk chocolate squares with Maldon salt pistachio filling

Product code: PT907
Net weight: 110g

Chocolate coated fruits

Mango slices coated with dark chocolate

Product code: VL106
Net weight: 120g

19.99 CAD
(167 CAD/kg)

 Detailed information

Assortment of dark chocolate coated fruits (3x50g)

Product code: VL301
Net weight: 120g

Chocolate bars Entrée 110g

chocoMe 41% milk chocolate,

Product code: F130
Net weight: 110g

Valrhona dark chocolate 66%,

Product code: G124
Net weight: 110g